NIJ 111A Hunter Safety Vest


NIJ 111A Hunter Safety Vest


Bullet Blocker's NIJ IIIA bullet resistant safety vest. No permit needed anywhere in the U.S. All Bullet Blocker Products are made from new materials.

"I like to wear this when I walk my dog near the back of our property. It's just nice to know my vitals are protected from a stray bullet or misfire." >br> - Beverly from OH


Front and Rear Upper Torso Coverage
Blaze Orange for High Visibility
Approx. 400 square inches of Coverarge for Maximum Visibility and Protection.
Front and Back Panels are appoximately 12" x 16" each.
NIJ IIIA Spectra Type Material (UHMWPE) Ballistic Protection
Compact and Lightweight: Under 3 pounds (about 38 ounces)
Easy to Store and Wear
Great for Hikers, Dog Walkers, Anyone that Enjoys the Outdoors
Protection Rated for 9mm FMJ, .357 Magnum, .45 Cal and .44 Magnum
Added Protection from Most Shotgun Ammunition
Adjustable - One Size Fits All Design
Low Cost Protection

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