Body Armour & Hockey Equipment Cleaning Spray


Body Armour & Hockey Equipment Cleaning Spray

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Product Description

This cleaning spray is used to clean your bullet resistant vest PLUS hockey/sports equipment. It neutralizes and removes the bad odours that come from a hard days work in your vest or equiment. It's easy to apply and leaves a great smell!


  • Military and Police Grade Odor Eliminator. Contains Proprietary Odor Absorbing Molecule(O.A.M.) technology to eliminate odors
  • O.A.M. Spray 16 oz. Midnight  Fragrance.  Midnight is a clean and fresh fragrance.  The product is very lightly fragranced, it is designed to eliminate the bad smells and only leave a very light scent behind.
  • Spray directly on your vest to eliminate the odors so you don’t have to wash it.  Significantly lengthens the life of your vest.
  • Can spray directly on K-9s to remove odor on the K9.  Strong enough to eliminate skunk smell yet safe to use on your K9.  Also eliminates all the smells your K9 leaves behind.
  • Great to use on Cruisers to eliminate bad odors, including smoke, vomit and feces. Spray on carpet and seats, safe on all fabrics.
  • Very effective at removing K9 odors left in the squad car.
  • Natural and eco-friendly air freshener
  • Guaranteed to get the odor out of anything.  Doesn’t mask the odor it completely neutralizes and eliminates.
  • Safe around kids and pets,  Can spray directly on skin, does not contain enzymes
  • Comes unscented or Midnight Scent
  • As used by CBSA
  • The cleaning spray also works great at cleaning ice hockey equipment and lacrosse equipment gear!
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