First Tactical Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove

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150012 Mens Hard Knuckle Cut  Fire Glove FINGER.png
Fire Glove TOP.png
150012 Mens Hard Knuckle Cut  Fire Glove KNUCKLE.png
Fire Glove PALM.png
150012 Mens Hard Knuckle Cut  Fire Glove FINGER PALM.png
150012 Mens Hard Knuckle Cut  Fire Glove FINGER.png

First Tactical Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove


A tactical glove that is both reliable and durable, without giving up the mobility of lighter wear alternatives. First Tactical's Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove boasts a Kevlar® lined palm that is Level II certified and a flame resistant Nomex® jersey so you can be ready for any situation at hand. Finished with a hard, TPR knuckle protection and TouchTac™ fingertip this design comes together to give you the most complete and functional tactical glove available.


  • Machine washable goatskin palm for long·term utility

  • The Kevlar® lined palm is certified to Cut Resistance Level II and provides ease of mind to operators who are handling sharp objects while on the job

  • The Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove features a Nomex® jersey with flame resistant silicon overprint that provides security as well as improved stretch and recovery

  • The tip of the index finger does not feature Kevlar™, allowing the glove to be touchscreen friendly and more sensitive than ever before

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold

  • Do not bleach

  • Line dry

  • Do not iron

  • Do not dry clean

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(based on 4 reviews)

By Brian
from Washington State


I bought these gloves back in Oct 2017. The have been a good glove. Great for shooting, are not bulky. After I first received them wore them during handgun and rifle training. I could use easily shoot and manipulate both weapons and could load magazines without taking them off. Not a cold weather glove but do work for short periods when out in the cold weather.

Two issues I have had is that have to take a glove off to use my phone and a hole has developed on the nuckle of my right thumb. Not sure how it got there since it does not look like a rip.

By Scotty

from Tennessee


I worked patrol as a Deputy Sheriff in a small county and as an SRO in an inner city High School, and these gloves are perfect for law enforcement. Fit is just right, and they are already my favorite gloves when compared with 5.11 or Oakley brand gloves that I have used when on duty.

By Paul
from UK


I’m a UK ARV officer, and I was looking for a set of gloves to meet a very specific purpose. I suffered a deep laceration with severed tendon to the back of my left hand, resulting in nerve damage and no feeling across the back of the hand, knuckles & fingers. I needed a glove to protect the area as I can’t feel it if I cut or burn it.

These gloves do exactly that. The dexterity is the best I’ve felt so far in any tactical glove. My everyday carry is a Glock 17, X26 Taser and I use a HK G36 carbine. I’ve used the gloves operationally and on the range, and I’m more than happy with the feel. There was no loss of function with any weapon systems. The hard knuckle gives me confidence around the damaged area, and the glove is a really close comfortable fit. The styling is good, and I love the Kevlar palms as it allows me to use them as a search glove.

Slight negatives for me..

I wear an Apple Watch on my left wrist. I’ve had to alter the bezel to the left of the watch, as the glove kept pressing it. A bezel cut out the same as other models would be good.

An improved touchtip material for the fingers would be good. I can just about use a touchscreen with these, but in my role I use as much tech as weapons, so touchscreen ability is a must.

Overall pretty good, and I would recommend

By Michael A
from CA


Just received these in the mail. I am an Bomb Tech so I require a lot of dexterity. These certainly fit the bill for that. I can even use them with my phone if I apply a little pressure. I cant speak to durability yet, but I plan on putting them through some punishment and I will (try) to update this review with the durability data. First impression is very good. I did some dry firing with them and firearm manipulation is excellent. My only complaint is the lack of color choices. Black is fine for the LE community but not so much for military. Bottom line, $50 for flame retardant gloves with great dexterity, a steal.