The Eagle One (E2) Tactical Wrist Length Duty Glove


The Eagle One (E2) Tactical Wrist Length Duty Glove


The “Protector Series” multi threat ElectroShock/TASER brand device protection, Cut/Slash Resistance, Flame/Flash Resistance, Puncture Resistance, Touch Screen, Abrasion/Tear/Bite Resistance, Electrostatic Discharge and Anti-Microbial Gloves.

Protector series gloves are designed using patent protected Thorshield technology to provide you with extreme durability and outstanding protection for the multiple threats that you face each day in the line of duty.

The Eagle One (E2) Tactical Wrist Length Duty Glove

Glove multi-threat testing results:

  • Electro Shock Weapons remediation – Pass
  • Cut/Slash Resistance – ASTM F1790/ANSI – Level 4
  • Abrasion Resistance – ASTM 3389 – Level 3
  • Tear and Bite Resistance – EN388/ANSI – Level 4
  • Flame Resistance – ASTM 6413 – Pass
  • Puncture Resistance – EN388/ANSI – Level 4

Duty glove features:

  • Touch Screen/Multi Touch screen capable
  • Electrostatic Discharge protection
  • Light Weight Multi Fabric construction
  • Genuine Leather Hand and Palm for strength and durability
  • Wrist or Full Length hand design to allow for easy and  secure fit
  • Durable Padding for knuckle, hand and palm protection dependent upon the glove version
  • Multi Threat protection coverage for your full hand
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL
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