About Us

After 27 years of front line operational experience within military, law enforcement, intelligence and the private security sector, I recognize the need for high quality, covert & overt, fully functional and reasonably priced bullet resistant vests and stab resistant vests as well as superb cut resistant gloves, bullet resistant clothing, backpacks, and business accessories. Options are good!

All bullet resistant products sold revolve around one specific item - the USA made, ultra-lightweight and thin Kevlar XP ballistic material.  This material is certified to NIJ IIIA 0101.06 , which is the highest level for soft body armour.  My advise - never buy inferior products that are not NIJ tested, certified to the current standard, or made outside of North America!

We are the sole distributor in Canada for ThorShield. ThorShield's Energy Weapon Protection Fabric is the most effective protection against non-lethal energy weapons on the market today.  ThorShield has also bought to market the superb V Pouch, the perfect quick access magazine holder for the 9mm & .40mm Glock magazines. This magazine decreases the reload time and is far more comfortable to wear than a traditional vertical magazine holder.  Perfect for military, law enforcement and the firearm enthusiast!

I believe that we all have the right to protect our loved ones while at the same time being protected ourselves. We wear a seat belt not with the belief that we will be in an accident yet we acknowledge such an event could occur. The same holds true for bullet resistant products.

The bullet resistant products we sell help to protect military personnel; law enforcement; working K9's; security professionals; investigators; business people and tourists traveling to high risk areas; journalists; hunters; recreational firearm users; and the most vulnerable in our society, our children.  We sell within Ontario, where we are based, and throughout Canada and the USA.

Please contact us for other countries.

Thank you and stay safe.

Bill Geraghty - Owner