How Arm Guards Protect Against Human Bites

How Arm Guards Protect Against Human Bites

When you work in the Canadian education system or mental health care field you put yourself at risk every day. Here's how, and why, arm guards are important for the job.

For a Canadian teacher or health care professional, the risk of injury is just another part of the job.

Some of the most common injuries for these fields are the risk of bites or scratches. If you're a professional working in mental health care facilities, special needs hospital, or a school, dealing with the possibility of human bites can be an unfortunate reality.

Bite injuries make up 1% of all emergency medical admissions in the United States. While it may not seem like a high number, almost 40 million people visit emergency departments for injuries each year.

Thanks to a new piece of safety gear, you can be protected from the risk of human bites in the workplace.

Bite resistant arm guards have proven to be effective in keeping the skin safe from human teeth. This can save you a hospital visit, risk of infection, and the mental injury resulting from such an event.

It's vital that you take preventative measures to minimize the risk of human bites in your workplace. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in an arm guard to keep you safe on the job.

Why Arm Guards?

The risk of suffering from a human bite is not one to take lightly--a bite injury can be devastating both for your career and your personal health.

Approximately 10-15% of all human bite wounds become infected. Human bites can also transmit diseases like hepatitis B, syphilis, and tetanus. In the worst case scenario, these bites can lead to death.

In addition to the physical trauma, professionals who are injured with a bite wound also may suffer from the mental injury from the experience itself. Once an individual is injured, they will need to be treated in the hospital and may be off work for a long time.

Working in these high-risk jobs isn't easy--but you can minimize the danger of bite wounds and keep yourself safe through arm guards.

Typically made from a tough, durable material, arm guards are designed to reduce the risk of human teeth penetrating the skin. They cover the elbow all the way up to the center of the palm and they can be worn over or under your clothing.

Protection from bites isn't all that you're getting. Some additional benefits of arm guards include:

  • Protection from day to day bumps and scratches

  • Improved circulation to the forearms

  • Regulated body temperature

  • Sun protection

Even if you've never been bitten before, an arm guard can provide the security of knowing that you can perform your job to the best of your ability--without the risk of human bites.

What to Look for in an Arm Guard

Once you decide to invest in an arm guard for your professional safety, it's important that you make the right choice.

What should you look for in an arm guard? What kind of factors go into making an effective piece of safety equipment?

Your safety in the workplace is important--look through this checklist before making the commitment to buying your new bite resistant arm guard.

  • Strength. Before you commit to an arm guard, take a look at the material to make sure that it's up to the highest standard. Make sure it's certified to have high resistance in these four categories: blade cut resistance level, puncture resistance level, tear resistance level, and abrasion resistance level. There's always a risk of being punched, kicked, and hit in addition to the risk of biting, so your arm guard has to be prepared to handle anything.

  • Durability. Your arm guard doesn't just have to be strong, it has to last too. Be sure that your arm guard is up to the wear and tear of your day to day job. Especially if you work hands-on or outdoors, you'll need a material that will last a long time.

  • Effectiveness. Strength and durability can only go so far if your arm guard isn't easy to wear. Look for an arm guard that you can wear either under or over your shirt, as well as one that is simple to take on and off.

  • Comfort. Especially for full-time workers, you'll be wearing arm guards from morning to night. It's important that they're easy to wear. Check to see if your arm guard is made of a breathable material and feels comfortable to the touch.

  • Cost. While it's important to make a good investment on a quality piece of equipment, you can find a high-quality arm guard without breaking the bank. Some arm guards can get up to nearly $200, but you can find an affordable, effective alternative for less than $50.

  • Additional assets. Some arm guards come with extra assets to improve your experience. Look out for a few key elements, like a material that is easy to clean of blood and saliva or an arm guard with extra padding to minimize the chance of bruises.

Buying an arm guard for your professional needs is an investment but with an arm guard, you can save yourself the hassle of hospital trips, medical costs, time off work, and the long-term consequences of a human bite injury.

Take the time to look closely at your arm guard selections. Make sure your choice is up to the highest industry standards in terms of toughness, durability, effectiveness, comfort, and cost.

Final Thoughts

If you're working in Canada within schools, healthcare, or a special needs environment, your job can be dangerous. Why not take the chance to minimize risks and make sure you can be safe and healthy on the job?

Make a small investment to protect yourself from physical injury, infection, and psychological distress. Don't let a human bite wound hold you back from your personal and professional life.

Bite resistant arm guards have already been introduced in school, hospitals and even in correctional facilities around the world, and they've been shown to reduce the risk of biting related injuries significantly.

If you're looking at getting a pair yourself, contact us here or check out our selection of bite resistant arm guards. We have also recently introduced additional cut and bite resistant products to better protect other vulnerable areas.

Am I allowed to own a bullet resistant vest?

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether it is legal to buy bullet resistant vests in the customer’s respective provinces in Canada.

Unfortunately, the answer is not a straightforward yes, as there are three provinces that have rules about possessing body armour.

The most common description of Body armour is a garment or item designed, intended or adapted for the purpose of protecting a person from projectiles discharged from a firearm.

Let’s get the easy answer out of the way first.  Except for Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba there are currently NO restrictions as to who can purchase and wear bullet resistant vests.

Here is a breakdown on the policies in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba:

Alberta - You are exempt from needing a Body Armour Permit if you are:

  • Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, members of a police service as defined in the Police Act, and peace officers while acting within the scope of their authority and in the course of their employment or designation.
  • Ambulance attendants under the Emergency Health Services Act while the ambulance attendant is acting within the scope of the ambulance attendant’s authority and in the course of the ambulance attendant’s employment or designation.
  • Individuals designated as inspectors under section 98 of the Gaming and Liquor Act while the inspector is acting within the scope of the inspector’s employment.
  • Individuals who are licensed as a security services worker or an investigator under the Security Services and Investigators Act while the licensee is acting within the scope of the licensee’s authority and in the course of the licensee’s employment or designation.
  • Wildlife officers under the Wildlife Act while the wildlife officer is acting within the scope of the wildlife officer’s authority and in the course of the wildlife officer’s employment or designation.
  • Individuals who have been issued a valid license under the Firearms Act (Canada).
  • Firefighters while the firefighter is acting in the course of the firefighter’s employment.
  • Business owners, or employees of a business, who in the ordinary course of that business or Employment purchases, sells, transports or otherwise deals with body armour.
  • Individuals who have been authorized to use or permitted to wear body armour under the authority of an enactment.
  • Individuals involved in farming or ranching operations, while engaged in farming or ranching operations.
  • Individuals performing in an exhibition, stampede, rodeo, fair or sporting event.

I refer you to the Act for further information:    

 British Columbia - You are exempt from needing a Body Armour Permit if you:

 hold a valid security worker licence authorizing the person to perform the work of:

  1. an armoured car guard
  2. a private investigator
  3. a security consultant
  4. a security guard, or
  5. a body armour salesperson,

while the person is in the course of employment under the security worker licence,

(b) holds a valid security business licence for a security business described in paragraph (a), (c), (d), (e),

(f) or (g) of the definition of "security business" in the Security Services Act, while the person is in the course of employment in relation to the security business licence, or

(c) is exempt under the regulations.

I refer you to the Act for further information:    


Manitoba - You are exempt from needing a Body Armour Permit if you:

  1. a member of a police service
  2. a firefighter or a medical emergency response technician
  3. a sheriff or deputy sheriff
  4. a correctional officer as defined in The Correctional Services Act
  5. the holder of a valid body armour seller's licence; and
  6. a prescribed person or a member of a prescribed class of persons.

Restriction on exemption

The exemption applies only while the person who is the subject of the exemption is

a)       using body armour in the course of his or her employment or duties; or

b)      in possession of body armour as permitted or authorized by his or her employer or commanding officer.

I refer you to the Act for further information:    

As always, if you have any questions about our bullet resistant vests or any other product please contact me -

Take care,

Bill Geraghty

Body Armour Canada Now Offering Protection Against Taser™ Branded Weapons to Canadian Military and Law Enforcement

Our latest press release :)

Body Armour Canada Ltd., one of Canada's leading suppliers of ultra-lightweight and thin bullet resistant vests, has become the first Canadian company to be able to offer its customers within military, law enforcement and security, the truly innovative and unique ThorShield branded products, manufactured by G Squared Consultants.

"Being able to provide cutting-edge products that continues to give additional protection to our customers is what pushes us each day to make a difference in a somewhat over saturated marketplace," said Bill Geraghty, CEO of Whitby, Ontario based Body Armour Canada Ltd.

The ThorShield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric is the most effective protection against non-lethal energy weapons on the market today. ThorShield works by providing a highly conductive specialized layer of fabric ensuring the electrical current conducts through the fabric versus the body. "Body armour companies only focus on providing protection from handgun and rifle rounds and/or blades; however, with the risk of assault from the illegal use of TASER™ type weapons and stun guns, ThorShield gives back the advantage to military and law enforcement personnel," said Mr. Geraghty.

"This superb fabric can be integrated into the design of new body armour carriers," he said. "We also sell the Chameleon Electronic Control Device (ECD) training suit, the world's only training suit that allows for real, live TASER™ Branded Device probe-firing and stun gun drive-stun applications, currently in use by several US police departments and academies."

In addition, Body Armour Canada is currently the only Canadian supplier of the "V Pouch" -- the fastest Indexing Tactical Ergonomic Magazine System and the perfect quick access magazine holder for your Glock medium and long magazines.

The first few months of Body Armour Canada

Hi Guys,

Body Armour Canada has now been in operation for 8 months and although we slowed down for a period due to the death of my father I can not believe the progress made to date.

We are beginning to get noticed within some of the industries we serve, namely law enforcement, security companies and hospital security teams as well as individuals operating as bailiffs, police officers, fire fighters, security guards and hunters.  We have also seen interest from firearm instructors, medical professionals and from other individuals who are concerned about their safety while traveling overseas.

Luckily we carry bullet proof vests that tick all of the boxes when it comes to choosing the correct type of body armour, which in our case also includes clothing, backpacks, briefcases and other unique products especially adapted to be bullet resistant.

                    VIP Concealment Vest

                   VIP Concealment Vest

Here at Body Armour Canada we do not see ourselves as sales people but rather body armour consultants.  Having worked within the sectors we serve, namely the military, police and private security, I am able to discuss our customer's risks and recommend to them the most suitable product to help mitigate those risks.

Do we make a profit you may ask and the answer is yes, although our profit margins are significantly lower than our competitors.  I have kept our prices as low as possible in order for them to be available to everyone who are legally allowed to posses them.

I have received many telephone calls from people who only want information rather than to be sold to.  I gladly give my advice and always say that if they do not buy from me, which is fine, buy from a company who the provide body armour which is made from material that has not been sat on a shelf for years, is the latest technology, is made in North America, has been tested to NIJ 111A and certified to the current 0101.06 standard.  I find it quite annoying when other retailers intentionally leave out the testing standard their body armour meet.

I look forward to being able to provide our loyal followers with further information about this company as we move forward.  Our aim is to bring innovative new products to the market and to meet the demand for ultra-lightweight, extremely thin, comfortable and inexpensive body armour.

I also look forward to speaking with our customers in the hope of exceeding their expectations when it comes to providing excellent customer service.

Take care!


Welcome to my blog and indeed my first post!

Body Armour Canada is operated by myself, Bill Geraghty.  I am a former member of the UK military and have deployed to various hostile environments throughout the world.  I have been trained by, and operated with, some of the best covert units in the UK and have worked in the collection and dissemination of high-value intelligence within UK intelligence circles.

In addition to regular duties as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Service in London, UK,  I was also public order (riot) trained and served as part of the elite Jury Protection Squad. 

I have worked in the private security sector in North America, Europe and the Caribbean for the last 14 years.

During my operational career I have worn a variety of bullet resistant vests in different climates and for long periods of time.  We all know that body armour technology has come a long way even in the last five years, which is exactly what needed to be done, and as I am sure those of you who are reading this (with even a small amount of operational experience) can attest to - body armour of old was think, heavy, uncomfortable, restrictive, bulky and hot!  Luckily technology has progressed and body armour manufacturers are now able to use new and innovative materials in order to bring to frontline workers ultra-thin and lightweight high performance bullet resistant vests. 

Between December, 2012 & July, 2015 I was President of PPSS Group’s North American operation and during this time I gained a high degree of insight into the body armour industry and the materials used. I also met a large number of body armour professionals operating within this fascinating industry and it is without a doubt that all of them had one thing in common, which is the heartfelt desire to help keep safe the numerous types of professionals who help protect people, places and products.

What makes Body Armour Canada stand out is that I have worked within a variety of organizations and have an understanding of the operational risks that go along with the various duties performed.  I understand what equipment works and what doesn’t and you can trust me to only offer products that I truly believe in.  I will do everything I can to continue to provide you, my friends, colleagues and customers, with unique, inexpensive and effective products, as well as provide an excellent customer service experience. 

Should you have any questions I can be reached via email at

Please come back often to my blog as I intend to highlight specific products and discuss operational threats, locally and globally: however, if I can leave you with one piece of advice - only buy products that use bullet resistant materials certified to the current National Institute of Justice (NIJ) level IIIa 0101.06 standard, rather than the old 0101.04 standard. Why accept anything else when your life depends on it?

- BG