First Tactical Men’s Lightweight Patrol Glove

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150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Fingertips.png
150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Main Palm.png
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150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Main Back.png
150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Comformed Palm.png
150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Fingertips.png
150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Main Palm.png
150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Seamless Finger.png
150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove U-shape.png
150001 Men's Lightweight Patrol Glove Watch.png

First Tactical Men’s Lightweight Patrol Glove


Finally, tactical gloves that allow you to act with maximum speed and precision. First Tactical’s Lightweight Patrol Glove combines extreme tactility with long-term durability to become your essential tool of the trade. Expert design serves well without slowing you down—you’ll never have to worry about a slip of the grip or cumbersome fit. Whatever the task at hand, this glove will perform with excellence.


  • Machine washable goatskin palm - When soiled, simply launder, air dry, and wear again for long-term utility

  • Lightweight snagproof stretch woven materials allow for a precise fit and professional appearance. With First Tactical’s glove fit system based on height, not weight, you can order your recommended size with confidence

  • Revolutionary fingertip engineering gives you a better fit for even greater efficiency and performance, with a seamless wrap-around index finger design that is touchscreen friendly and more sensitive than ever before

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold

  • Do not bleach

  • Line dry

  • Do not iron

  • Do not dry clean

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  • Based on customer feedback we recommend ordering the size above what the size chart states


By Steve S.
from Northern California


Picked up these gloves at the CATO conference in 2016. I use them for SWAT and daily as a narcotics detective and I wanted to put them through my actual routine for a significant amount of time before giving an honest review. I have many pairs of gloves. I can't help myself, I have gloves for green dope, gloves for searching, gloves for patrol, gloves for shooting, gloves when it's cold and then, as if things weren't difficult enough already, the world of smart phones entered the universe and gloves that could be used on a smart phone became mandatory. I have to say that First Tactical has done a fantastic job on these gloves. There is virtually no sign of wear after daily use except the logo has peeled off. That came off rather easily after about a month. The notch for your watch is a great idea but I especially love the use of goat skin mixed with the stretch woven fabric because I can throw them in the wash and they come out fine. I've had to throw away several pairs of gloves after coming out of the wash. Like some other reviewers, I've had a little difficulty with the touch screen; though it works, sometimes it takes a few attempts to navigate my smartphone. To be fair however, I do use an Otter Box so the multiple layers of screen protection may be an issue. These have now become my daily wear gloves because they work for most everything we do and for the price, I too will purchase an additional set.

By Rob
from Livermore, CA


I have had the opportunity to wear the gloves in various conditions and for different purposes. This had included searching suspects, searching a location or vehicle, or while shooting at the range. I have found the gloves to fit true to size and tight on my hands. Typically the gloves I have used were either too big or slightly small for my needs. The gloves have held up with no signs of wear. My only complaint would be that I cannot use the touch screen on my phone when it is inside of a Lifeproof case. I believe it is the combination of the two medians that causes the problems because I do not duplicate the problem with another phone that does not have a screen cover. Please keep up the excellent craftsmanship that I have come to expect from First Spear.

By Tyler F
from Anderson, Ca


I got these gloves about a month ago and after almost 12 years in the business, they are by far the best I have worn. They were warm enough to wear in 20 degree weather but have been cool enough in the 60 degree weather that we have had so far (we'll see how they are in the 115 degree weather this summer). They stretch and move to the point where at times I forget they are on. They offer good feel for searches and great grip for pistol and rifle use. I have stopped using my 5.11 and Hatch gloves since I got these gloves and do not foresee switching back. The only issue that I have noticed is the Velcro strap could be a little longer. Great glove and in my opinion outdo the comparable gloves which cost significantly more.

By Dan
from Los Angeles


First off I love these gloves. I have been wearing the Patrol First Tactical Gloves size small for about a month (approximately 3 times a week). I normally wear the Vented Mechanix gloves size medium. I wanted to try something new because my Mechanix gloves would stretch out and I felt like I was somewhat swimming in them, which prevented me from full manipulation of my firearms and any other necessary tools needed. The tight fit of the First Tactical Gloves allows me to fully feel and manipulate my firearms, along with any other objects as needed (i.e. handcuffs, etc…). I have used the First Tactical gloves in a patrol function as well as in a SWAT environment. In both insistences the gloves exceeded my expectations. They are comfortable and appear to be durable. I highly recommend these gloves.

By Casey D
from FarNorCal


I work as a patrol sergeant in rural northern California. I picked up a set of these gloves at the California Association of Tactical Officer's conference back in November of 2016. In over twenty years of combined military and law enforcement experience, I submit that this set of gloves have been the best I have worn. I love the anatomically correct cut between the thumb and finger. The watch cut-out in the wrist is also a nice touch for those of us who prefer not having our arm hair ripped out. My favorite part of the glove is the level of protection they provide while still offering excellent dexterity and feel. I would submit that the more you where these gloves the better they perform. Mine have also been soaked and dry very fast. I have found no downside to these gloves and wish I would have gotten an extra set. 5 stars for First Tactical, Great design!

By SBailey
from Far Nor Cal


Got these gloves about three weeks ago as my shooting gloves had worn out. I've been through a lot of gloves for patrol and shooting. I had gotten to the point where I wasn't even wearing gloves on patrol because I couldn't find anything thin enough to feel properly on searches or were just to bulky to get into a coin pocket. I shoot a lot and it was hard to find a glove that allowed me to really feel the trigger or get a nice tight grip on the weapon because the web between the index finger and thumb was shaped wrong.

I felt these gloves and kinda thought they were light weight and thin and I was a little skeptical on how they would hold up. I decided to put these gloves through hell and see how they held up. I wore them for a 40 hour rifle course, 1200 rounds later, between my M4 and my rough grip 1911 and they show no wear marks, I loaded my mags with them on and had no issues. Up and down to the prone position in the dirt and gravel and no issues. index finger felt great on the trigger, weapons felt great in my hand with a nice tight grip well.

I have also been wearing them on patrol, they are fantastic for searches, evidence collection and the best part is I can wear them for extended periods of time and my hands don't sweat. I've worn them working traffic collisions in the pouring rain, completely soaked through and they stay tight on my hands and dry quickly. I have noticed when they get really wet the dye bleeds a little. The watch cut is nice because it still provides wrist coverage but to doesn't push back on your watch and rip you arm hair out. the only wear I have noticed so far is the First Tactical symbol on the left glove has started to peel off. other then that they are holding up extremely well for what I've put them through. I've been in law enforcement for ten years and I have had a dozen different types of gloves and these are by far the best I have found.

By Jeff
from Wisconsin


Although the fit chart was off and they were a bit snug (getting large next time) these are very well made. When you consider the price and quality I would say they are an great buy. I used these on my motorcycle trip this fall and they performed wonderfully. The amount of grip the leather provides is surprising. They are very soft feeling yet seem like they will hold up for a long time. I will be getting the medium weight next.

By Stan
from Florida


These gloves are awesome! I've been through about 50 pairs of gloves and these take the cake. They are thin enough for pat searches and durable enough to search through property/cells. I can wear them all day and my hands don't sweat; I use hand sanitizer to keep them clean after pat searches and I noticed last weekend the black will bleed onto your hand if they get too wet. I'm not sure if that is just because of the hand sanitizer or if it happens every time they get wet.



Headline *Trojan thin, all the feel and the protection. Hands Down some pretty nice gloves. Just as it described, lightweight. Originally purchased small due to the chart, fit and stretched (semi-constrictive), but felt the medium was the way to go. So if your second guessing from the size chart, just go 1 up above. After I got the medium, it truly felt just right. Besides the shipping return was super easy- no hassle great service and price.

The true feel of these gloves are great, they put some thought into the design, for future wear and tear of the glove. Along with extra padding in the web of the palm. The top layer of material above the glove leaves allot of breathability, this is definitely a summer glove. Great touch and feel ratio. A major plus is that it works while using your touch screen phone. I would definitely recommend this to all patrol and operators. Good job First Tactical for getting it right, the first time out the door. Side note: the padded glove is also very similar, just the padding is the only difference. You have the same feel, just extra padded above the glove, not so much it'll keep you warm, but just enough to knock off the windchill during the winter.