Welcome to my blog and indeed my first post!

Body Armour Canada is operated by myself, Bill Geraghty.  I am a former member of the UK military and have deployed to various hostile environments throughout the world.  I have been trained by, and operated with, some of the best covert units in the UK and have worked in the collection and dissemination of high-value intelligence within UK intelligence circles.

In addition to regular duties as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Service in London, UK,  I was also public order (riot) trained and served as part of the elite Jury Protection Squad. 

I have worked in the private security sector in North America, Europe and the Caribbean for the last 14 years.

During my operational career I have worn a variety of bullet resistant vests in different climates and for long periods of time.  We all know that body armour technology has come a long way even in the last five years, which is exactly what needed to be done, and as I am sure those of you who are reading this (with even a small amount of operational experience) can attest to - body armour of old was think, heavy, uncomfortable, restrictive, bulky and hot!  Luckily technology has progressed and body armour manufacturers are now able to use new and innovative materials in order to bring to frontline workers ultra-thin and lightweight high performance bullet resistant vests. 

Between December, 2012 & July, 2015 I was President of PPSS Group’s North American operation and during this time I gained a high degree of insight into the body armour industry and the materials used. I also met a large number of body armour professionals operating within this fascinating industry and it is without a doubt that all of them had one thing in common, which is the heartfelt desire to help keep safe the numerous types of professionals who help protect people, places and products.

What makes Body Armour Canada stand out is that I have worked within a variety of organizations and have an understanding of the operational risks that go along with the various duties performed.  I understand what equipment works and what doesn’t and you can trust me to only offer products that I truly believe in.  I will do everything I can to continue to provide you, my friends, colleagues and customers, with unique, inexpensive and effective products, as well as provide an excellent customer service experience. 

Should you have any questions I can be reached via email at bg@bodyarmourcanada.com

Please come back often to my blog as I intend to highlight specific products and discuss operational threats, locally and globally: however, if I can leave you with one piece of advice - only buy products that use bullet resistant materials certified to the current National Institute of Justice (NIJ) level IIIa 0101.06 standard, rather than the old 0101.04 standard. Why accept anything else when your life depends on it?

- BG