The first few months of Body Armour Canada

Hi Guys,

Body Armour Canada has now been in operation for 8 months and although we slowed down for a period due to the death of my father I can not believe the progress made to date.

We are beginning to get noticed within some of the industries we serve, namely law enforcement, security companies and hospital security teams as well as individuals operating as bailiffs, police officers, fire fighters, security guards and hunters.  We have also seen interest from firearm instructors, medical professionals and from other individuals who are concerned about their safety while traveling overseas.

Luckily we carry bullet proof vests that tick all of the boxes when it comes to choosing the correct type of body armour, which in our case also includes clothing, backpacks, briefcases and other unique products especially adapted to be bullet resistant.

                    VIP Concealment Vest

                   VIP Concealment Vest

Here at Body Armour Canada we do not see ourselves as sales people but rather body armour consultants.  Having worked within the sectors we serve, namely the military, police and private security, I am able to discuss our customer's risks and recommend to them the most suitable product to help mitigate those risks.

Do we make a profit you may ask and the answer is yes, although our profit margins are significantly lower than our competitors.  I have kept our prices as low as possible in order for them to be available to everyone who are legally allowed to posses them.

I have received many telephone calls from people who only want information rather than to be sold to.  I gladly give my advice and always say that if they do not buy from me, which is fine, buy from a company who the provide body armour which is made from material that has not been sat on a shelf for years, is the latest technology, is made in North America, has been tested to NIJ 111A and certified to the current 0101.06 standard.  I find it quite annoying when other retailers intentionally leave out the testing standard their body armour meet.

I look forward to being able to provide our loyal followers with further information about this company as we move forward.  Our aim is to bring innovative new products to the market and to meet the demand for ultra-lightweight, extremely thin, comfortable and inexpensive body armour.

I also look forward to speaking with our customers in the hope of exceeding their expectations when it comes to providing excellent customer service.

Take care!